Become a Financial Advisor

Start a wealth management and investments business with Investdirect 

It might seem like starting a mutual funds or investments business needs a lot of knowledge or know-how. Or that it needs a lot of capital. Or that you need to get a lot of certificates or licenses.

Becoming Financial Advisor made easy with Investdirect

  • What do you get?

      A pre-built mutual fund investments platform that you can share with your clients. 

      All licenses and regulatory procedures done or obtained before hand

      Huge investment products catalogue: Mutual Funds, Corporate Deposits, Bonds, Unlisted Equities, Digital Gold, PMS, NPS etc

      Marketing support where you get images about your platform to share on social media, whatsapp, mailers etc to inform your network

      On-going tech support on call and emails

      Advisory support to help you to guide your clients on which investments they should make, mutual funds recommendations etc

  • How much can you earn?

      All investment products have in built commissions

      You earn upto 80% of the revenue share from commissions

  • What do you have to do?

      Encourage your existing clients or new clients to invest in Mutual Funds, Bonds, Corporate Deposits and other investment options via the platform specially made for you

      Forward all investment product details shared by us to them over mail, SMS or WhatsApp

      If they have queries on where and when to invest, just set up a call with our advisory team


Who can become a Financial advisor?

Anyone can become a Financial advisor.

It might sound too good to be true. But it’s true. 


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