India is home to 6.3 crore Micro, Medium and Small Enterprises (MSMEs). While MSMEs hold a major share in the Indian economy, they often face cash flow limitations. Until now, traditional banks were weary of extending capital assistance or loans to MSMEs citing their sporadic cash flow and volatile and vulnerable business cycle that largely depends on seasonality, labour... Read MoreAboutRead More »

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  The understanding and implementation of technology in various aspects has allowed us to transform how we perform financial tasks. Today, we can initiate a number of financial tasks at a click! And, it only gets innovative as we delve deeper. Finance is no longer associated with ‘banking’ only rather, several businesses are offering it as an extension to their existing... Read MoreAboutRead More »

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  Digitization has transformed the way businesses function today. Organizations are investing in technology for efficacy and optimization of internal processes to build business models with enhanced customer experience. Today, technology is all over and changing the dynamicity of various internal and external processes by integrating various bits and processes on one... Read MoreAboutRead More »

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  The Yellow Metal; Gold has been a part of our society for a very long time. For Indians, gold is considered much more than a hedge. While it is a legacy in many parts of India, it is an investment to mitigate financial risks during inflation, economic, social and geographical crisis. Citing this sentiment and furore for gold, financial institutions introduced the concept... Read MoreAboutRead More »

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  The origination of the banking saga in India dates back to the 18th century. Ever since, banks and their processes have evolved, adapting to prevalent market needs and sentiments. In comparison to yesteryears, banks have progressed and revolutionized but, with the introduction of Fintechs to the equation, banks are now facing the challenge to evolve further and adapt to... Read MoreAboutRead More »

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