Disruption; an aggregator of a number of changes brought about a change in the banking after the crisis of 2008-2009. The crisis revealed loopholes in the banking system and how technology and innovation was the way forward. Whether newer products and services or operations, innovative technology held the potential to improve the overall scenario in financial institutions and... Read MoreAboutRead More »

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Acceptance of Fintechs is on an upward trajectory owing to digitization in the financial world and with customers embracing the change, the shift is evident. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics etc. have accelerated the acceptance and currently, Fintechs are better placed than before and are contributing to the financial world in multiple influential ways, for... Read MoreAboutRead More »

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Financial Institutions extract information from existing data to ascertain customer patterns and predict future outcomes and trends, known as predictive analytics. They forecast future with acceptable level of risk, reliability and scenarios. Predictive analytics assist financial institutions fetch admissible customer data, identify risk and fraud, screen varying applications,... Read MoreAboutRead More »

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  ‘Finance’ has always been an indispensable part of our society. Earlier, an unorganized lending system reigned the market that was then taken over by an organized brick and mortar model and today, with advancement, Fintechs are competing fiercely for a substantial stance. Gone are the days when the idea of integrating finance with technology was a fantasy for a bunch of... Read MoreAboutRead More »

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  Customer experience is now an integral part of most industries. With Fintechs coming in and challenging the traditional methods of addressing the customers, they are also redefining customer experience. Upstarts, i.e., Fintechs are taking it upon themselves to change a number of old age methods and many of these may not even associate with the financial industry. Most ... Read MoreAboutRead More »

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