Building Different, Making a Difference

  • Mission

    To give small businesses access to a holistic support system that is cost-efficient through innovative technology and a committed network of partners.

  • Vision

    To be the country’s best small business-centric organization, empowering customers through an ecosystem of products, partnerships, technology and exceptional customer experience.


Our Story

Our journey so far has been one of continual growth and evolution as we re-imagine the future of MSME's in India by applying technology, data, analytics and human understanding. Since inception, we have always been thinking ahead to adapt to changing realities and emerging needs to best serve the MSME's of India.


At niyogin, our existence is a natural extension of being a facilitator for a new and empowered tomorrow by building a leading “Neobank” platform infrastructure company. We build products differently, with a customer centric approach, one that is dedicated to service MSME’s and 800+ Mn rural Indians. Technology is the means through which we solve problems. We have therefore created a holistic platform delivering solutions for credit, financial inclusion, investments and SAAS services, working in conjunction with a partner-led model that gives us affordable access to millions of potential customers. We innovate keeping in mind the needs of the traditionally excluded. Our business canvas is socially inclusive and one that is designed to deliver products and services for all. To this effect, our platform empowers and allows our partners to generate income while providing services / product access to customers across India. Our platform build is unique not only in its design but also in its approach - as it drives income augmentation for small businesses and brings best-in-class products and services to the customers. This is what defines us - "Empowering India".

Team Members

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