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Unsecured Business Loans, on the go

Businesses need capital and we understand this. At niyogin, we facilitate short term SME financing options with an incredibly quick turnaround time. Get closer to your business goals and make the most of our unsecured business loans.


  • benefits

    • Unsecured Loans

      No collateral required

    • speed disbursals

      Quick turnaround loans when you need them

    • flexible Terms

      Size, tenure, interest rates


  • Features

    • 2 lacs - 10 lacs

      Loan size

    • 6 months - 18 months


    • Greater Than 40 Lacs

      GST Based Turnover

3 steps to quick business loans

3 steps to quick business loans

At niyogin, we understand time is of great essence for small businesses. Applying for an unsecured business loan with niyogin is a simple, & hassle-free 3 step process.

3 steps to quick business loans

  • Qualification & Application for Unsecured Business Loan

    Step 01

    Qualification & Application
    • Know your eligibility in just 3 steps
    • Apply for your loan with niyogin
    • Submit a few application details
    • You’re done in minutes!
  • Sanction of Unsecured Business Loan

    Step 02

    • Evaluation of the application
    • Receive a provisional loan offer
    • Get started with the disbursal process!
  • Disbursal of Unsecured Business Loan

    Step 03

    • Upload pre-disbursal documents
    • Sign an e-agreement
    • Your loan is disbursed within 5 days*

Quit Waiting Start Applying

Quit Waiting. Start Applying

*Our 5 day disbursal timeline is based on a combined effort between the customer, and our backend processes. Once you submit all documents correctly, we begin our verification, and aim to disburse funds into your account within 5 working days.

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