Inspiring niyo women of India and their success stories! - series 2

Women can do-it-all! Whether it's a small business, multinational corporations or simply creating a niche for themselves in male-dominated industries, women have reached dizzying heights through struggle and perseverance.

Where every woman dreams of being independent and self-sufficient, Niyogin as an NBFC lends a strong support to these dreams of women entrepreneurs in the SME space in India.

With the changing tides, there are many stories which showcase the grit and confidence of today's Indian woman.

As we celebrate this new era of gender equality and mutual respect, let us look at a curated list of 6 inspiring Indian women who have set new benchmarks in their industries.

Seema Rao


Seema Rao has come to be known as India’s Wonder Woman, the first and only woman commando. Her association with the elite Special Forces of India, as a trainer, is a feat very few could have imagined as a task for a woman. But doing so without compensation for 18 years just proves her dedication and selflessness to her job and country.

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Bachendri Pal


First woman to summit the mighty Everest at the age of 30*. She returned the next year to lead a successful all-women expedition to the top.She faced strong opposition from her family with regards to her decision to be a mountaineer. Even in the face of adversity where her team was buried under an avalanche she persevered and climbed to summit on May 23rd 1984*

Her endeavors go beyond mountaineering as she was awarded Padma Shri.

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Mithali Raj


First woman captain to lead the Women International Team to World Cup Finals in 2005*.

In a country which adores the sport but restricts its appreciation only to the men's version,

Mitali managed to grab everyone's attention with her talent.

She showed the world that Indian women are just as capable of competing in physically enduring sports.  

She is the only female cricket player to represent the country for 20* years and during this period also coached the side to many wins. Using her talent not only to achieve accolades but also to pave the path for the next generation is what makes this woman achiever so special

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Shila Dawre

First woman auto-driver

A Self-made rebel with a cause, Shila Dawre turned her passion of driving into her profession, breaking all the rules along the way. She became the first lady auto rickshaw driver at a time women had very limited liberties. Despite objections, she went to buy her own vehicle and now she trains women to drive as well. A true pioneer.

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Ankiti Bose

Founder Zilingo

Zilingo is a fashion platform that has a valuation of $1 billion. Ankiti realized the untapped potential of the South-east Asian market after a visit to the famous Chatuchak market in Bangkok.

Zilingo started out a small fashion retail aggregator and has transcended into global a business-to-business offering, connecting 60,000 businesses and going above and beyond just trading.

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R. Sivabhogam

First Woman Auditor

A freedom fighter in the 1920’s, a member of the Swadesi League in Madras, she was imprisoned for a year for civil disobedience. This is where she decided to be an auditor. She became the first woman auditor in India a year after being realised. After the ICAI was formed she was named Chairperson of the Southern Regional Council from 1955-58. It was during this period that she instituted an award for the best lady candidate in the CA examinations. The R. Sivabhogam Prize continues to be awarded year after year.

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The new woman is bold, intelligent and unapologetic about her decisions. This is the start of New India where gender does not determine capabilities. These are a few Niyo Women who have made the difference and as an organization committed to support the New women of India, the Niyogin ecosystem gives every woman business aspirations the support it deserves. Let's create a New India, Let's support the Niyo Women!



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